Peter Gabriel World Tour i/o 2023

Antony Micallef makes the visuals for the Peter Gabriel World Tour i/o 2023. His imagery was used for the music video Love Can Heal. The song was written to commemorate the late murdered Labour MP Joe Cox.

Here Peter Gabriels talks about Micallef’s work for the making of the video. A collaboration with Aardman animations and works alongside artist such as Ai weiwei and Cornelia Parker among others. This particular video is taken from Verona, Italy.

Louis Vuitton Visionaries. 2021 to 2022 World Tour

Antony Micallef is chosen as one of Louis Vuitton Visionaries.
Long before Louis Vuitton was synonymous with luxury handbags, designer fashion, jewelry, and fragrances, the brand was an esteemed atelier of luggage. Its eponymous founder was an avid adventurer, entrepreneur, and creative who translated his passion for travel into a company that continues to brave new ground in the worlds of art and design. To celebrate the bicentennial of Vuitton’s birth—August 4, 1821—the fashion house is launching “Louis 200,” an extensive, multi-platform initiative that will commemorate the maison’s trailblazing founder through a series of unique experiences, installations, and offerings. An exhibition of all the artists work will start at the home of Louis Vuitton family home in Asnières, and then embark on a world tour. 

The designers started with a box measuring 50 by 50 by 100 centimeters, dimensions similar to Louis Vuitton’s initial trunk design from the 1850s, which was groundbreaking at the time for its flat lid and waterproof coated-canvas material. From there, each of the talents was given free rein to reimagine the luggage as a vessel, reinterpreting its form and function in line with their creative vision. Each work is being presented in a store window around the world, with many also featuring a digital montage or a larger-than-life portrait coupled with a festive façade decoration.

Kicking off the celebration is a reimagining of the traditional Louis Vuitton trunk. More than 200 contributors from a diverse range of industries—from art and architecture to extreme sports, entertainment, and aeronautics—have transformed the iconic case in their own creative style. Among the participants are Samuel Ross, Peter Marino, Qualeasha Wood, Amanda Haeghen, and Jean-Michel Othoniel, as well as explorer Matthew Tordeur, botanical artist Mr. Flower Fantastic, boy band BTS, comedian Alison Wheeler, choreographer Alexander Ekman, and Paralympic athlete Theo Currin.
“I wanted this piece of art to represent the essence of creativity, sprawling, and branching out from within,” says British artist Antony Micallef, who created a case layered in thick swoops of paint, creating a textural landscape of artistic forms. “An organic, playful form that germinated from the wonder of cross pollination of ideas and mediums. I wanted my trunk to have a sense of life cultivated by tradition and fused by craft.”

London Design Museum permanent collection and World Tour with Placebo. Trump Fag Packets. 2016 to 2021

Antony started painting portraits of himself on the back of cigarette packets back in 2011 as part of his solo exhibition Happy Deep inside my Heart. This also included child like naive drawings of characters he had made up on the back of cigarette packets. Micallef was interested in fusing the use of pictorial languages together. For example using colourful naive drawing techniques associated with children with the threatening macabre warning messages to be found on the back of tobacco products.

In 2016 Micallef was asked to contribute a piece of art to an online auction for the charity Peace One Day. An online auction for Paddle 8 Curated by the ambassadors of the charity Jake Chapman and Jude Law.

Antony decided to paint Donald Trump on 3 Marlboro Red Cigarette boxes for the auction. The 3 cigarette boxes (Pictured here) sold for a total of £6,200. Since then the images of the Trump Fags went viral. After being asked so many times if Antony would ever release this as a print. Micallef Decided to give the image away for free using social media. It was downloaded over a 100,000 times within 2 weeks. Since then the images have been seen in protests all over the world, included in the 2017 Women’s march in Washington, Trumps inauguration in Los Angeles, Miami and protests in London. The image was also picked up by the band Placebo that has continued to use it in their live concerts across the world projecting the image of Trump fags onto large screens during their performances. Two Trump cigarette packets have now been acquired for the permanent collection of the London Design Museum.

Here are a selection of different Trump cigarette boxes with some of the coverage of the protests from different parts of the world. The Trump image can be downloaded below in JPG or TIFF format.

Stations of the Cross Censored.
Canterbury Cathedral Easter projections. 2014 to 2019

The Stations of the Cross exhibition that was planned to be exhibited on the London Underground 2014 was curated by Art Below. The exhibition was to be physically exhibited at St Marylebone Church in London while huge billboards of the artworks would be exhibited on the London Underground. The Transport for London authority banned Micallef’s artwork.
A spokesperson for TFL said the poster was rejected because it did not comply with the firm’s advertising policy. She pointed to a clause that concerns causing “widespread or serious offence to members of the public” and another referring to advertisements that do not comply with the law or incite someone to break the law. The art work was seen by the head of the Church of England. The Arch Bishop of Canterbury personally requested to exhibit the art work as a projection through the lent period at Canterbury Cathedral 2019. It was also included in a public lecture given by the Arch Bishop. Other artists included in the lecture that also depicted the stations of the cross in a modern day format was the artist and activist Argentine Adolf Perez Esquivel. Image included (born 1931))

Vogue 100 Best Hats Victoria Grant and Antony Micallef Collaboration 2013

Antony Micallef collaborated with Victoria Grant the renowned British Milliner to make a collection of hats called Sweet Paris. The collection was inspired by various paintings from Antony’s Micallef’s exhibition in 2011 Happy Deep Inside My Heart. Paintings such as I Shit Diamonds and Sweet Paris were the catalyst for Victoria who took many of Micallef’s motif’s and and had them printed on silks. Hats were moulded together and the collaboration took form slowly building into an amalgamation of designs that both artists were infused by. Elements of the new creations were slowly hand crafted and sculpted with oil paint to form one off’s that couldn’t be replicated. Neon lights were introduced as well as precious stones and colourful veils. The collection was exhibited in London fashion week and was chosen by Vogue as their 100 best hats for Royal Ascot. A limited edition was sold at Harrods in London and a small sample of hats can be viewed to this day at the renowned collector and restauranteur Mark Hix’s art collection in London.

Artwars Saatchi Gallery London 2013

Antony Micallef was commissioned to customise a real model of a Storm Trooper helmet that was exhibited in the Saatchi Gallery in London 2013. The Storm Trooper helmet was derived and Influenced by an earlier painting Antony had produced in 2007. Micallef wanted to play with the theme of a UN Peace Keepers role in the world. Playing with the visual imagery associated with Peace and love and using references and iconography from the 70’s and anti war movement yet the enforcer of peace is holding a gun. A contradiction of visual language that has two opposite messages. Other artists included in the exhibition are Damian Hirst. Jake and Dino Chapman and Yinka Shonibare.

Institute of Contemporary Arts London. Peace One Day. 2012

AK-47s decommissioned and transformed.

AKA Peace is a new project curated by Jake Chapman in collaboration with non-profit organisation Peace One Day. AKA Peace presents artworks in the form of decommissioned and customised AK-47 assault rifles by artists including Antony Micallef, Damien Hirst, Antony Gormley, Jeremy Deller, Tim Noble & Sue Webster, Gavin Turk, Stuart Semple, Sarah Lucas and Sam Taylor-Wood. The project, which coincides with Peace Day: Friday 21 September, aims to raise awareness of Peace Day and raise funds for Peace One Day’s Global Truce 2013 campaign.

British Heart Foundation. Breath of life 2010 to 2017

Micallef has worked on various projects throughout the years for the British Heart Foundation. He has been commissioned on various projects to help raise money and the profile of the foundation. The Mending Broken Hearts Appeal curated by CCA Galleries in 2010 is one of the most important fundraising efforts ever undertaken by the British Heart Foundation. A portfolio of specially commissioned prints by international renowned artists entitled ‘Breath of Life was exhibited in London. Its goal was to raise £50 million to fund the cutting-edge cardiac-regenerative research that could literally ‘mend the broken hearts’ of millions. Other artists included in the project include, Peter Blake, Maurice Cockrill, Duggie Fields, Bruce McLean, Donald Hamilton Fraser, Maggi Hambling, Brendan Neiland, John Hoyland, Barbara Rae, Tom Phillips, Storm Tthorgerson, Brad Faine, Gerard Hemsworth and Patrick Hughes. The artists were given completely free-rein in what they created, as long as it was inspired by ‘mending broken hearts’; the result is a collection of artworks that while based on a shared concept reflects the diversity and personal style of each of the artists involved. These artworks were auctioned at a gala evening at the Dorchester Hotel on 14th April in association with Christie’s Auction House. The original artworks were exhibited for viewing at Christies for a week from 7th April 2010 at King street, London. 

The second commission included in this project section is a series of photographs of a physical heart made entirely from oil paint that was a commissioned by British Heart foundation for world Heart day 2017. An international art project curated by renowned photographer Rankin for social media accounts all around the world to be showcased on World Heart day. 

More info can be found here:

Royal Academy GSK Contemporary  2009 
Curated by David Phorpe and sponsored by Glaxo Smith Kline

The Royal Academy of Arts’ inaugural season of contemporary art. GSK Contemporary promises visitors a challenging line-up of experimental art and contemporary theatre to be enjoyed and debated within a stimulating, salon-style environment. Antony Micallef was invited by the RA to take part in group show called GSK Contemporaries. Four bronze, nickel plated 13ft sculptures were displayed in the forecourt, Burlington Gardens and the painting Parasite was exhibited inside.

Parasite was painted in 2008 and was included in the exhibition sponsored by GSK the pharmaceutical company. This particular piece was a commentary at the time of how the residual structures of colonial power systems and corporations use and exhaust the natural resources in order to benefit their own assets. The imagery was taking from distressing film footage of the Ethiopian, African famine during the 80’s made by western charities and events such as Live Aid. The imagery was constantly played on our TV screens to the point of desensitisation. The imagery depicted became Iconic of how we saw the destruction of a break down of politics, corruption and power through a Western lens. The painting opened up discourse on global warming and famine spread through the use of exploitation of the environment. See the sculptures here to view more

Tate Britain Curwen 50th Anniversary Print Exhibition 2009

The Curwen Studio has a long history of pioneering Lithography and pushing the boundaries of its  potential as an artistic medium. Since 1958 the Curwen Studio has developed a reputation as the finest specialist in the country and enabled artists to explore the print medium. Throughout the years it has worked with Artists such as Henry Moore, Barbara Hepworth, John Piper and Elisabeth Frink. To celebrate its 50 year anniversary it has curated an exhibition at the Tate Britain of some of its modern day artists. Antony Micallef was invited to make a print to commemorate the anniversary which was displayed in the Goodison Room at the Tate Britain. Included in the display were hand drawn films and preliminary sketches used to make the print. Other artists included in the show are Paula Rego and Mark Hearld.

A little Piece of me. Portrait project 2009

Little piece of me was a 8 day project in which Antony painted quick small self portraits in 8 consecutive days to be exhibited in London. The artist would paint these ‘reflections’ first thing in the morning in front of a mirror before he started working on his bigger more complex pieces. 

The aim of the exhibition was to highlight the the different reasons and methods in which artists often use sketches and preparatory drawings to aid them in further development. Antony has been painting self portraits all his life as a record. It’s not important for the painting to resemble him rather he uses him self as a guide. “Like if someone was to hold your hand down a garden path at night. The benefit of paintings ones self is that you can be unflattering, truthful and unflinching in your approach” Often acting as information for bigger pieces and developing ideas. The mark making process is invaluable at this stage as it can lead to the generation of other ideas while also being finished pieces in their own right. 

Making Miracles 2009

Making miracles was a design and concept project for a series of sculptures to be founded in marble. These images are experiments crudely designed in photoshop to illustrate the cross pollination of ideas mixing perfection, theology and science. 

Using genetic manipulation and advanced technology to utilise our hopes and dreams of religion to manifest our own miracles. These are prototypes of incubated ‘angels’ genetically engineered from human and bird embryos modified by CRISPR gene editing.

Journey Human Trafficking Exhibition NYC 2009

New York city Mayor Michael Bloomberg invited Emma Thompson and the Helen Bamber Foundation to exhibit Journey in Washington Square, New York in November 2009. An exhibition curated by Sam Roddick and supported by the Helen Bamber Foundation, the Roddick Foundation and the UN. Over 9,000 visitors experienced the installation in 7 days. Antony Micallef was commissioned to make art works depicting trafficked and abused victims that then was displayed on the outside containers. The exhibition was toured over 23 different countries including Madrid and Vienna. Other artists included in the exhibit included Turner Prize-winning artist Anish Kapoor, playwright Simon Stephens and the Oscar-winning costume designer Sandy Powell. 

Santas Ghetto. Pictures on walls. 2007 Bethlehem

Antony Micallef took part in Santas Ghetto in Bethlehem. An exhibition behind the separation wall curated by Banksy. Artists from all over the world were invited to take part to make art to raise money for a children’s charity. Micallef spent a week making art on site with the other artists from across the globe that took place in Manger Square. Here are some of the photographs documented of the creations from the exhibit. Included in these images are works by Banksy, Paul Insect, Peter Kennard, Robert Del Naja and Mark Jenkins.

Quote from CBC News Dec 4, 2007 “Graffiti artist Banksy is staging his Santa’s Ghetto art exhibition in Bethlehem this year, in an attempt to shine a spotlight on the plight of the town believed to be the birthplace of Jesus. Banksy has set up his annual month-long Santa’s Ghetto exhibit — featuring his own art and pieces by local artists and European colleagues — in a shop opposite the Church of the Nativity in the town’s Manger Square.”

Santas Ghetto. Pictures on Walls. 2005 and 2006 

Antony Micallef was spotted by Banksy in 2003 after seeing his work at Semi Permanent art event in Sydney, Australia. He first joined the collective Pictures on Walls (P.O.W) in 2005 after being introduced to Steve Lazarides and showed with them at the inaugural Christmas exhibition Santas Ghetto in 2005. He first exhibited the painting 21st Century Love at the exhibition on Berwick Street, Soho. Here are some images of the exhibition. Images taken from the Wooster collective. 

Other artist involved in the line up are: I Like Drawing, 3d, Banksy, Solo One, David Shrigley, Jamie Hewlett, Gee Vaucher, Stanley Donwood, Sickboy, Kelsey Brooks, Faile, Luke Egan, Chris Cunningham, Space Invader, Mode 2, Paul Insect, Eine, Dface, Simon Munnery, Jo Rush, Polly Morgan, Cable Street Collective, Zeus.

Here are some links that provide history and more information on the infamous Pictures on walls.

P.O.W Pictures on Walls.

The Banksy Story. Pictures on Walls.

Japan Residency and the BP Portrait Award 2000

Antony Micallef created a number of paintings and lithographs based on his many trips to Japan. After his initial visit in 1999 to 2005. Micallef found himself constantly painting Tokyo city scapes with a post apocalyptic, consumeristic fused aesthetic. The landscapes were a departure from his solitary figure paintings and at the time allowed him to fuse colour, manga and graphic novel elements into his work for the first time. This amalgamation and use of sketching and photographing the city enabled him complete his paintings back in his studio on his return. His painting Glamour Pussy Tokyo won him 2nd Prize in the BP Portrait Award at the National Portrait Gallery in London. It was also included in the BP Portrait Award book top 500 paintings. In this painting he combined different painting techniques and traditions. This work was a direct result and influence of his trips to Japan. At the time he was working full time as a graphic designer only being able to afford to paint in the evenings after work. Exhibiting his painting at the National Portrait Gallery gained him exposure and it also helped him to gain a very early foot hold in the art world at just 24 years of age.

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