2024 Art Newspaper, What sold at Art Basel Hong Kong

2024 Art Newspaper, Bump exhibtion, Matt Carey Williams London

2024 Frieze, Bump exhibition Matt Carey Williams London

2023 Evening Standard. Difficulties for working class artist in London

2023 New York Times collaboration with Peter Gabriel 

2023 Financial Times. Eye of the collector

2023 Art Basel. Antony Micallef collected by the Groucho Club

2023 Under The Radar.

2023 The Music Universe. 

2023 Fad Magazine. 

2022 Female. Louis Vuitton Visionary 

2021 Sky Arts Inside Art: M Shed Museum, Vanguard Special, Bristol Street Art

2021 Kinari Street art Special Issue from Japan.

2021 Screen Rant. Inspiration for the new CandyMan film

2021 Elephant Magazine The painters behind hollywoods onscreen art

2021 GQ Magazine Arts funding Article

2021 Galerie Magazine Louis Vuitton Visionary

2021 WMagazine Louis Vuitton Visionary

2021 Vogue Portugal

2020 Forbes Interview

2020 GQ Feature ArtBasel SpotLight

2020 Art Basel Spot Light WeChat

2020 The Art Newspaper

2020 Lux Magazine Confined Artists

2020 Sunday Times Style

2020 Intersect Aspen Highlights

2019 USA Juxtapoz Feature Interview

2019 Japanese Wired Magazine

2019 Chatsworth House

2019 Art Basel Hong Kong, Arts Post Ben Cig

2019 Arch Bishop Of Canterbury Lecture

2018 BBC World Service Forum Program

2018 Artist Watchlist Frieze London

2018 Irish Times

2018 Juxtapose, History of Pictures on Walls

2018 Australian Laud Magazine Interview

2018 House and Garden Magazine

2018 Can Art resolve Conflict Interview

2018 Judge Rise Art Prize

2017 May Canadian Format Magazine

2017 Reportrait

2017 April Big Issue, Tipping Point

2017 CBC News, Trump Cigarettes

2017, Hunger Magazine Interview 

2017, Paul Moorhouse, The Brutality of Appearance

2017, Russia Today, A Portrait of the President

2017, Vogue, Women’s March

2017, Italian Vouge, Art Strike Against Trump

2016 Prestige Magazine Interview

2016, GQ Magazine, Will the Next Andy Warhol be a Robot?, by Antony Micallef

2016 Vice Magazine Expo Chicago

2016, Document Journal NYC, A Warning to the World from Antony Micallef

2016, HOW Literary Journal, Front Cover

2016, GQ Magazine, Interview Antony Micallef, Why Dropping Art History A Level is a Mistake

2016, ID Magazine, Antony Micallef Paints Donald Trump

2016 USA Juxtapoz Studio Visit

2016, GQ Magazine, The Man Who Destroyed Donald Trump With A Cigarette Packet

2016, Apollo Magazine, The Five Key Works of Donaldism

2016, Modern Painters, Top 500 Galleries, Pearl Lam Galleries

2016 Pearllam Art Fair Expo Chicago 

2016, Art Market Magazine, Front Cover & Interview

2016 Ming Pao Daily Hong Kong

2016 Asian Edition BLOUINARTINFO

2016,, Raw Intent Interview

2016, Platinum Magazine, Raw Intent

2016, FAD Magazine, Raw Intent

2016, RTHK, Raw Intent Video

2016, Wallpaper Magazine, Highlights from Art Basel Hong Kong

2016,, Raw Intent

2016, South China Morning Post, Raw Intent

2016, South China Morning Post, Raw Intent 

2016, Time Out Hong Kong, Raw Intent

2016, Financial Review Art Basel Hong Kong

2016, Video, Contemporary Expressionist

2016, National Portrait Gallery. 500 Portraits book

2016, Alumni Spotlight Plymouth, Antony Micallef

2015 Dubai Magazine, Interview

2015 Soho House Magazine

2015 The Week Magazine, Portrait of an Artist

2915 The Metropolitan Eurostar Magazine

2015,, Antony Micallef Sculptures

2015, Twin Magazine, The Mighty Marlene

2015, GQ Magazine, March. Antony Micallef Will Change the Face of Modern Portraiture. 8 page Interview

2015 Notting Hill & Holland Park Magazine Interview

2015, Huffington Post, Note to SELFIE

2015, The Upcoming, Self at Lazarides

2015, Schön Magazine, Interview Antony Micallef

2015, Wall Street International, Antony Micallef Self

2015, Resident Magazine, Sense of Self

2015,, What’s my Weekend

2015,, Selfie Backlash

2015, BBC Bob Elms Show, Interview Self

2015,, The Man Begind the Mark

2015 Gallery and Studio Magazine Interview

2014, Financial Times, Generals Son Talks Trash

2014, The Guardian, Pop Idol Jesus

2014 Phaidon Article

2014, CBSNEWS, Art Scene gets Catty

2012 Design Week Feature

2012, Financial Times, Half Dracula, Half Tarintino, Old Vic Tunnels

2012,, Deadly AK-47 gets a Makeover

2012, Kensington and Chelsea Review, ICA

2011 Mr Porter Website Launch

2011 BP Top 500 Portraits Book

2011,, Happy Deep Inside My Heart

2011, DazeDigital, Happy Deep Inside My Heart

2011, Phaidon, Music as Muse

2010 The Art Newspaper Frieze Art Fair

2010 Vanity Vair

2009 Japanese Vogue

2009 Square Mile Magazine

2009 Public Art Front Cover, S Korea

2009 Albert Camus, Outsider, Penguin Book Cover

2009 London Evening Standard

2008 Maltese Sunday Times

2008 Daily Mail

2007 Sotheby’s Front Cover

2005 New York Times Style Magazine Spring

2005 Santa’s Ghetto, Soho London UK

2002 Blue Print Front Cover

2002 Face Magazine Article

2000 Art Review Feature

1998 Gjethuset Cultural Centre, Denmark

1998 Swindon Evening Advertiser

Antony Micallef. Art Newspaper.
Antony Micallef Juxtapose Magazine.
Antony Micallef. Time Out Hong Kong.
Antony Micallef South China Morning Post
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